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In Cochem on the Moselle

News & Infos

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Events in Cochem

  23. - 24. April 2022

Blütenmarkt des Mosel-Weinberg-Pfirsich

  15. - 19. June 2022


  15. - 16. Juli 2022


  06. August 2022


  25. - 29. August 2022

Heimat- und Weinfest

  17. September 2022


Cochem & Moselregion


Let yourself be inspired by the magic of the over thousand-year-old Reichsburg Cochem, the landmark of the town of Cochem. Well-preserved remains of the historic town walls and the fortifications are witnesses to a lively past.

Other sights are the baroque-style City Hall with its beautiful market square and the Martinsbrunnen. market square and the Martinsbrunnen, the Capuchin monastery built around 1630 and the castle ruins of Winneburg. Winneburg castle ruins from the 12th century in the Endert valley. Take a stroll through the winding alleys with their pretty half-timbered houses.


A ride through the Cochemer Moselkrampen by bike, car or boat will take you to the little Mosel village of Beilstein. Moselle village of Beilstein, the Briar Rose of the Moselle with the monastery church and the Metternich castle ruins. The route then continues past the Roman tombs, the Roman funerary temples, which are located above the wine village of Nehren.

In Ediger, a pretty old Moselle village with many half-timbered houses, is home to the famous relief Christ in the Winepress from the 16th century.

On one of the most beautiful Moselle bends and on the steepest vineyard site in Europe, the famous Calmont, lies the village of Bremm. From here you can walk the Calmont via ferrata and experience the extreme steepness of the vineyards and the hard work of the winegrowers. the extreme steepness of the vineyards and the hard work of the winegrowers.


We recommend a trip to the ancient Roman city of Trier with its famous Porta Nigra. Don't forget to visit the Imperial Baths, the amphitheatre, the Baroque palace and the cathedral.


Famous for the German Corner at the confluence of the Moselle and Rhine rivers with the equestrian statue of Emperor Wilhelm I . A visit to the old town of Koblenz and Ehrenbreitstein Fortress is always worthwhile.


Just a few kilometres from the Moselle, you will get to know the magnificent volcanic landscape of the Vordereifel with its maars.


Famous as the green hell in the Eifel. For all motorsport enthusiasts, we recommend a drive over the Nordschleife!